Commitment to our Community and the Environment

Our Mission

At Raisbeck & Associates, we firmly believe that professional success goes hand in hand with our responsibility towards society and the planet. That is why we have integrated community and environmental commitment into the heart of our practice, seeking not only excellence in the legal field, but also actively contributing to the construction of a more just and sustainable world.


Pro Bono Program

Our strong commitment to equity and access to justice is reflected in our pro bono program, designed to support individuals and communities who lack the means to defend their rights. Each year, Raisbeck & Associates carefully selects cases that not only require legal assistance, but also have the potential to generate a positive social impact.


From the defense of fundamental rights to the protection of collective rights and the constitutionality of laws, our lawyers bring their experience and dedication to changing lives. Through significant legal victories and strategic counseling, we continue to help those most vulnerable and society in general, demonstrating that law is a powerful tool for social good

Environmental Commitment

Aware of the environmental impact of our activity, at Raisbeck & Associates we adopt sustainable practices in our daily operations and advise our clients under this same philosophy. From the implementation of a zero paper policy to active participation in social projects, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and promoting environmental conservation.

Social Programs

Aware of the vulnerability of certain people or groups in our society, at Raisbeck & Associates we create activities three times a year to support people or groups in need and the environment in different ways. From distributing food to homeless people, celebrating the end-of-the-year festivities with children waiting to be adopted, to cleaning parks, beaches or the ocean. Every four months we plan an activity that we consider meets our social objective.


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