Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection

At Raisbeck & Associates, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal solutions on unfair competition and consumer protection matters, from prevention to the defense of your rights, in favor of healthy and fair competition and market participation.


Unfair Competition

Specialized advice on unfair competition.

Consumer Protection

We assist you in ensuring compliance with consumer protection regulations.

Why Choose Us

Raisbeck & Associates stands out for its pragmatic advice based on our deep understanding and experience, which is reflected in your successes. Working with our firm is having an ally in the prevention and defense in the complex scenarios that arise in terms of unfair competition and consumer protection.

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Unfair Competition

Our expert team offers complete advice to our clients in litigation arising from acts of unfair competition, including acts of confusion, misleading acts, imitation, exploitation of another's reputation, violation of laws, among others. We provide programs to guide you in the prevention of the execution of acts of unfair competition, providing training on unfair competition as well as review of procedures, labels and advertising of your products and/or services, becoming your strategic ally when participating in the market under the premise of fair competition.

Consumer Protection

We provide detailed and comprehensive legal advice on your business relationships with clients and potential clients, based on compliance with consumer protection norms. We work to prevent situations that may generate actions against you by your consumers or regulatory entities. We diagnose the legal administration of the relationship between you and your clients or potential clients, focused on compliance with consumer protection regulations, to generate strategies that allow you to compete in the market by minimizing risks arising from these relationships. We provide permanent advice to our clients on consumer protection matters, including guarantees, advertising and information, adhesion contracts, complaints, electronic sales, among others. We defend you against any complaint or lawsuit related to consumer rights.